Mondays 6.30pm – Vinyasa yoga L2 @ Equinox Woodland Hills

Tuesdays 10am  - Yoga Flow @ Hollywood YMCA

Tuesdays 11.30am – Advanced Yoga Clinic @ Hollywood YMCA

Fridays 8.30am – Yoga Flow @ Hollywood YMCA

Fridays 9.30am- Advanced Yoga Clinic @ Hollywood YMCA

Saturdays 9.30am – Vinyasa Yoga L2 @ Equinox Encino

All my classes have  a strong focus on the proper transition between poses in regards to body alignment and breath.
And since I studied yoga as a form of physical therapy I always offer levels of adjustments for each yogi.


I have a yoga workout area including a yoga trapeze for supported strength and stretch poses as well as gravity-free inversions in my home, or I can come to your home or office. I will bring mats and props.

70/hr in my home studio (Valley Village)
90/hr at your location