Toxins can be inhaled or ingested as outside pathogens. Some are however also created as a normal by-product of our metabolism. Both forms have to be detected by our immune system as toxic and neutralized or eliminated

Your body has four channels of elimination:

• Sweat
• Breath
• Urine
• Stool

If any of those four channels are blocked or impaired the toxins will build up in your system. The more time they spent in your body the more time they have to do harm. They can attach themselves to important receptor cells inhibiting normal hormonal functions affecting all metabolic exchanges in your body as well as your emotional wellbeing. They can enter cells and damage their DNA planting the seed for malignant tumors.

If your body cannot rid itself of these toxins it will initiate the non-specific immune response, i.e. inflammation around the area where the toxins are. Your sinuses, your digestive organs, your cells that the toxins have latched onto or entered, your organ tissue, your blood vessels, and even your brain.

Furthermore if your body cannot move it out it will at least work on putting it away. The best place to store toxins buffered from the rest of sensible cells is in fat cells. You will start gaining weight! The areas which have the highest fat accumulation will turn into toxic waste depots. For women that area is the breasts. And for both men and women but in particular for children the biggest fat glob in the body is the brain. Development and behavioral issues in children and Alzheimer and Parkinsons are accelerated by toxic overloads that made it into the brain tissue.

Detoxing of the brain is extremely difficult. Your best bet in regards to external toxins – environmental, and dietary and – is of course avoidance. And secondly keeping all of your four channels of elimination working efficiently.

Maintaining proper ph balance is crucial. Starting your day out with a highly alkaline green smoothie is your health insurance. Change your breakfast, change your life!