The digestive system of our little loved ones are still developing in infancy. Mother’s milk is therefor best. It has the right ratio of nutrients and is rich in live enzyme for easy digestion.

Eventually we do want to introduce them to other foods. It is an important step to increase their palette for different flavors. Starting them off on foods that are too complex can however trigger an immune response setting the stage for food sensitivities and even allergies. Proteins in particular are very difficult to digest for infants.

Most infant foods are therefor highly processed to strip off ballasting fiber and long chain amino acids. The grocery store shelves for babies are filled with rice puffs, powders, cooked vegetable and fruit mashes. These foods are in fact gentle to the digestive system in that they don’t require the production of many different digestive enzymes.

The fact that the pancreas of babies is still adjusting to the demands of releasing larger amounts of digestive enzymes should be an imperative to feed the baby foods rich in dietary enzymes. That way the food digests itself. Like the nature’s greatest gift of breast milk.

When my son was born I was unfortunately faced with the inability to breastfeed him. I was determined to develop the best alternative nature has to offer. Raw whole foods prepared in a way that all their innate life force stays in tact and can nourish my hungry baby. My son thrived! He had no digestive issues, and developed a wide tolerance for all sorts of flavors.

Before his first birthday he munched kale, cabbage and lentils with delight. Even though it was all raw it was not in salad form. Of course not! I developed puddings, smoothies, porridges that were easy spoon-fed. They were so yummy that my husband started eating off my son’s plate.

Other Moms approached me to share these recipes with them. This class is the result of that.

It is a fun class for young mothers and mommies-to-be.

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