Product Description

This cookbook offers health-concerned Moms and Dads easy to follow guidelines and super-yummy recipes bringing more fruits and vegetables onto your table and into your kids’ tummies. If you are looking to raise your child plant-based or are just looking for quick and easy ways to make a Meatless Monday a day your entire family can look forward to, this book will help you  to do both.

Tanja and her plant-strong son Tyler share with you how they do it on a daily basis. Tanja’s strong scientific background enhances each recipe with explanations on food combination and health benefits for each recipe. Best of all, each treat only consists of three ingredients. The Power of Three marries easy to make with sure-winners for gum teasers.

This book has been recommend by industry icons like:

“Tanja‘s book for kids is highly informative, easy to read, and best of all, pure deliciousness. Follow her guidance, whip up her recipes, and watch as your child begins to glow with robust health and soulfulness!“

Kathy Freston best-selling author The Lean, Quantum Wellness & Veganist

“Tanja is one of the most knowledgeable nutritionists I have met. She masters the art of simplifying things so everyone can understand. Her recipes are not only delicious but simple to make. In France, I grew up learning how to cook and I wish I had Tanja‘s cookbook! Bon Appétit!“

Romain Gaillard President and Founder of The Detox Market

“Wow! I have been looking forward to devouring Tanja’s book. She really knows what’s good and good for you. Soon you’ll fi nd this book in every household. I know it’ll certainly be in mine.”

Herbie Hancock award-winning musician

“Tanja Johnston has created a wonderfully creative, healing and very important book that teaches health, nutrition and consciousness to our youth. I hope many children and their families will be inspired and supported in their journey to radiant health by this book. Aum.”

Saul David Raye yoga teacher, spiritual leader

“This book is not only a collection of recipes, but a view into an entire lifestyle of eating that can enhance the way everyone lives and make us all healthier. I love the simplicity and color for my whole family!”

Lisa Loeb award-winning musician and children song book author

“It is so important to educate and inspire each other towards making self-nurturing loving choices. Thank you, Tanja, for your dedication and uplifting work on the journey of Happy and Healthy”.

Jimmy Rosenberg Founder, Evolution Fresh

“Tanja Johnston’s imaginative, toothsome, easy recipes are a great way to start one’s kids on the lifelong path to healthy eating.“

Andrew Solomon best-selling author Far from the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity