Product Description

See what you are really made of

When scientists finally cracked the human genome they were shocked to learn that we are only governed by 23,000 genes. About the same amount as a sweet potato, and far less than an earth worm. How is that possible? Humans seem so much more complex. New studies now have discovered what really drives us: about 300,000 genes that belong to microbes living inside our gut. We are only 10% human but we host 90% of other living cells that have a profound impact on our daily life and our overall health.

The human microbiome has been correlated with a wide range of health conditions, from obesity, heart health, and IBD to autism, anxiety, and depression. 

Ubiome is the first lab that offers microbiome testing to help individuals to see what strains they carry and which ones they lack. With the help of a health professional that data can then be used to customize recommendation in regards to diet and potential supplementation.

For example, if you lack bacteria that is needed to handle the metabolic waste from proteins you would be challenged on a high protein diet. Your body also outsources the production of certain Vitamins to the bugs in your gut. If you are lacking specific strains or their number is too low you would be at a higher risk for certain anemias. Instead of reverting to supplementation long-term a health care professional can then create a diet plan that will set things right in your gut.

Considering that we are only 10% human and 90% non-human microbial cells addressing any health concern should start with your gut.

Testing your microbiome is your first step to restoring your health!

Price includes:

  • Test kit with instructions
  • Prepaid Return Envelope
  • Data Review by certified health practitioner