Product Description


The World’s Most Advanced Food Intolerance Test

Pinnertest is the standard protocol for most of the Nutritionists in Europe and it has reached almost a half million clients. Before creating nutrition plans for clients, most of the Nutritionists and Dietitians, in European countries, require a Pinnertest report as a baseline to target individual sensitivities.

The difference between Pinnertest and other Food Intolerance Tests is that, thanks to our 3 year old newest update to our test method, Pinnertest can finally identify the ACTIVE and PASSIVE food intolerances.

This means that the number of food intolerant results that clients were receiving from the old technology tests has now been reduced to a few permanent intolerances. For example, if the client had 30 foods to avoid from the old tests, now with Pinnertest they will need to avoid 2 to 5 results now. Pinnertest will eliminate the temporary intolerances that were caused by temporary overeating certain foods or temporary gastrointestinal problems.

Additionally, the reproducibility rate for Pinnertest, even after 6 months, is over 90% which is less than 15% in old technology tests that are still on the market today.