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Our bodies can run on two different types of fuel for energy: Glucose or Fat. Which one you predominantly feed your body makes a huge difference when trying to lose weight.

A typical healthy diet reduces calories and tries to fill you up with fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. Both of which are however very high in carbohydrates (and thus sugar). As a result, you will find yourself swinging between sugar “highs” and “lows”. The latter of which makes you sluggishly fatigue while every cell of your body will crave for more carbs. Pushing past these cravings is extremely hard for most. And thus weight loss is only accomplished slowly – albeit very safe.

In addition most people with BMIs over 25 suffer from an impaired metabolism due to early signs of low insulin sensitivity. If insulin cannot carry sugars floating in your blood into the cells for energy, your blood sugar will stay high while your energy level remains sluggishly low. Your body will pump out more insulin to correct this. Now, high levels of insulin in your blood will put your fat metabolism to a halt! Insulin is known as the fat producing hormone. To make things worse your fat cells will continue to secrete large volume of another hormone called leptin which will signal the brain to eat even more.

The Nutkins Principle

In order to lose body fat it is therefor key to re-sensitize your cells to insulin while de-sensitzing your leptin receptors.

The Nutkins™ Diet does exactly that. It limits carbohydrates (sugar), so the body burns fat, including body fat, for fuel. This approach leaves the body steadily fueled, and weight is lost at a rather high calorie intake. Based on your insulin sensitivity a high fat and protein regiment will be calculated. In contrast to similar approaches like the Atkins Diet or more recent styles like the Paleo Diet, The Nutkins™ Diet has three major advantages:

  • Nuts are ph neutral. They are not acid forming like animal protein and fat! High animal protein diets increase your risk for kidney disease. They are unsafe!
  • Nuts have a high level of fiber, allowing for removal of fat-soluble toxins. Animal products are completely void of fiber!
  • Nuts are even in very high volumes low in saturated fats. While animal products like eggs and fish do have anti-inflammatory EFA (Omega 3s) they are outweight by a much higher concentration of inflammatory Omega 6 and saturated fatty acids.

The science behind the Nutkins™ Diet has been proven by many clinical studies!

Weight loss on the Nutkins™ Diet is fast and steady at a very high calorie intake.

If counting calories hasn’t worked for you in the past it may be the perfect approach for you!