Learn about the foods we are going to use in the dish.
15 minutes


Blend, stir and form into the final dish.
15 minutes


Eat it with your friends.
5 minutes

No refined products such as oils, sugars, flours or milks! Just whole plant-based foods!

  • Apple Skin Bird’s Nest with Sprouted Cookie Dough Eggs
  • Blueberry Chocolate Pudding
  • Coco-Choco Pudding
  • Fly Agaric – Red Apple Mushroom Head with white Coconut Dots
  • Frosty – the Sticky Puffed Quinoa Snowman
  • Green & orange Ice cream with Strawberry Blood
  • Popeye Drink – Green smoothie
  • O Tannenbaum – Kiwi Christmas Tree with Coconut Snow
  • Raw Gingerbread Man
  • Raw Spaghetti Ice Cream with Chocolate Meatballs and Strawberry Sauce
  • topped with Coconut Parmesan
  • Rockstar Bling – Cookie Dough Rock on an Asian Pear Star
  • Schwarzwalder Ice Cream – Austrian Specialty
  • Smashed Pumpkin Brain Pudding with Strawberry Blood
  • Sprouted Crumble Apple Pie a la Monde
  • Sunny-side up Fried Egg Ice Cream