Becoming an Intuitive Nutritionist™

Session #1:
Change your Breakfast, change your life
Learn how food changes the ph level of your body. Alkaline/acidic foods.
Cooking class: breakfast smoothies

Session #2:
First solid meal of the day.
Understanding the right mix of carbs, proteins, and fats.
Cooking class: pancakes and muesli

Session #3:
Pantry check/Grocery Tour
Learn to read food labels. What to look for in processed and packaged foods?

Session #4:
Lunch & Dinner – Protein-centered meal
Learn about the different amino acid profiles of your protein choices and the rules for proper food combining.
Cooking class: Soup, Entrée, Dessert

Session #5:
Micronutrients: Vitamins, Minerals, Phytochemicals
Learn to enhance food absorption, digestion and overall health with the medicinal power of food.
Cooking class: Superfood snacks & dishes

Session #6:
Learn about the benefits of internal cleansing.
Cooking class: cleanse juices, smoothies and soups

Session #7:
Learn about the signs when food is not enough and how to supplement
Cooking class: a dish high in xy (e.g. calcium, iron, vitamin D…customized to your deficiency concern)

Session #8:
Cravings & Emotional Eating
How to treat and overcome cravings and emotional eating with proper nutrition
Cooking class: guilt-free treats

Session #9:
Intuitive Cooking: Kids Meals

Session #10:
Intuitive Cooking: Family Dinner

Session #11:
Intuitive Cooking: Healing Yourself

Session #12:
Final Cooking Class by You
Design a wholesome meal based on a set of parameters given to you.
Cooking Class: Your Meal

Duration of each session: 1 hr 15min


  1.  Nutritional Facts and Rules covered in each session
  2.  Recipes with nutritional analysis
  3.  Samples, if there are any left-overs :)

All of my cooking classes focus on maximizing the nutritional value of a dish both in the selection of the ingredients and their preparation. All of my recipes only use 3 ingredients. Whole Food is complex and the right combination can enhance their medicinal quality while too many ingredients begin to negate
certain qualities of one food and neutralize others. Knowing which to combine is key. Less is more, and keeping it simple is better!

While all cooking classes are hands-on with lots of samples to try they are all based on nutritional science. The last two months we will focus on applying the laws of the right food combination intuitively.

Once your brain is trained and filled with all the right information on nutritional science it will be easy to follow your gut to create tasty meals that give your body what it needs without having to count calories or nutrients.

Over the course of the program we will cover the following topics:

  • Raw vs. Cooked Foods
  • Nuts & Seeds – raw, soaked & sprouted
  • Complete Proteins – plant-based
  • Lowering your Body Fat by eating more
  • Manage Hormonal Balance with Food
  • Strong Bones – Lean Muscles
  • Disease Prevention/Reversal

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