Your Health Upgrade will be focused in these areas:

Stop Disease  |  Weight Loss  |  Go Vegan  |  Cooking Classes  |  Pantry Check & Grocery Tour  |  Yoga & Meditation

  • Individual Health Upgrade
  • Individual Session
  • $90/hr
  • Individual Health Upgrade
  • 6-Month Bi-Weekly Package (12 hours)
  • $1,000/12 hours
  • Group Health Upgrade(min. 2 people)
  • Individual Session
  • $60 p.P./hr
  • Group Health Upgrade(min. 2 people)
  • 6-Month Bi-Weekly Package (12 hours)
  • $600 p.P./12-hours

Stop Disease

You are what you eat. Your food can fuel an imbalance that manifested itself in a diagnosable disease, or it can restore homeostasis and support the body’s innate ability for self-healing.

The underlying cause of ALL diseases is inflammation. An improper ph level is just another term to describe the same thing: Inflammation.

There are two ways the ph level of bodily fluids changes, and body tissues get inflamed:

  1. the food we ingest already has an acidic property to it
  2. the digestion of certain foods creates waste or by-products that are acidic
  3. the immune system triggers an inflammatory response. Inflammation is the first non-specific response of the immune system reacting to anything the body senses as an insult, injury or wrongful invader. Ingestion of any processed food will always trigger an immune response. Cooked, microwaved or refined foods all trigger this type of inflammatory reaction.

Here it might seem logical to revert to a high alkaline plant-based diet. And that will for sure help reverse inflammation. However without certain compounds your endocrine system will sway off course. By nature the building blocks for all hormones are more acidic substances such as amino acids along with corresponding trace minerals for proper assimilation and sterols to synthesis cholesterol.

Recalibrating your immune and endocrine system is a very delicate process that relies on a deep understanding of nutritional science.

In your “Health Upgrade” program you will not only learn which foods to replace with better options but more so, we will focus on the right combination of foods to improve their nutritional quality and provide you with the highest form of nourishment for your return to a Healthy You.

Your food will become your medicine.

Please read more on the program outline of your Health Upgrade in the FAQ section.

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Weight Loss

Plant-based nutrition delivers not only high amounts of filling fiber rather more so it provides a full spectrum of nutrients that will signal your brain to feel and stay satisfied.

Weight loss is never the goal of my nutritional approach but rather an inevitable side effect. Consider it an extra bonus on your quest to restoring your health!

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Go Vegan

If you are an animal lover the concept of a vegan lifestyle will sound not only ethical but also quite reasonable to you. The execution of such might be quite challenging nonetheless. Letting the treatment of animals for food production and the associated environmental impact aside the improvement of your health is easiest accomplished by a plant-based diet – no matter which age, gender, body or blood type you are.

There are many valuable nutrients in animal products but they all packaged with substances that have adverse reactions on your health. And that also includes products from free-range, organic, grass fed animals. This is not an ethical statement. This is nutritional science.

Like all diet profiles the vegan movement has become a profitable business for food manufacturers. While you had to stick to whole plant-based foods in the beginning to follow a vegan diet, nowadays there are aisles of highly processed products that compete for vegan consumers. It is very easy to get or stay malnourished on a vegan diet.

When transitioning to a plant-based diet it is important to educate yourself on the proper food combination to get the full benefit of a vegan lifestyle. This goes way beyond the question of how to get sufficient amounts of complete proteins in your diet.

In my practice I work with professional nutrient tracking tools to ensure complete nourishment for your individual needs.

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Cooking Class

Most of your Health Upgrade sessions will take place in the kitchen. You will learn the benefit of certain nutrients and how to improve on their assimilation into your system by proper preparation and combining with other nutrients.

Simplicity is the overall mantra here. All my recipes are based on less than 5 ingredients, and take no more than 5 minutes to prepare.

While hands-on cooking classes are a big part of your Health Upgrade program, I also teach cooking workshops in schools and corporate settings.

To see a sample list of my recipes click here.

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Pantry Check & Grocery Tour

Knowledge is Power. Understanding food labels and designing your own grocery list based on your nutritional needs is very important. The pantry check & grocery tour will empower you to navigate the food vendors’ maize.

The more you surround yourself with healthy food options the easier it will be for you to change your old eating habits. A plant-based diet does not have to feel like a restrictive one. It will rather widen your horizon, and crowd out your plate with foods that you have never tried before.

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Yoga & Meditation

A healthy lifestyle cannot rely on diet alone. Yoga and Meditation are great additions to a balanced plant-based diet. In the philosophy of Integrative Nutrition, nutrition is considered secondary food. Things that feed your mind and soul are the primary source.

Depending on the progression of your disease vigorous work-out sessions might not be advisable. Yoga can here be a gentle form of physical therapy to restore your strength and increase your stamina. Meditative movements or seated meditation are both great tools to increase your body awareness and calm your nervous system.

Stress in its essence is like inflammation your body. Reducing your stress level through a customized set of mind/body workout will support your recovery and improve your health.

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