MamaLA: Going ‘Wee-gan’ with Our Little Ones

Los Angeles Magazine Posted on 9/26/2013 by Soraya Delawari Dancsecs/Yasmine Delawari Johnson

When it comes to what they eat, kids have their own ideas. As parents who stress a healthy diet, so do we.

Maverick was recently munching away on bananas and peanut butter when he asked Yasmine, “Mama, is this wee-gan?”  Yasmine paused, “Wee-gan?  Oh, […]

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Hormonal Rollercoaster – Part II

Now, if you understand that sleep is your number one medicine for resetting your endocrine system, and you are getting your recommended daily dose, how come that you still experience  PMS-like symptoms every month?

Bloating, mood swings, cramps and cravings. If your HPA axis sends the right stimulating messengers to your sex organs for the […]

Hormonal Rollercoaster – Part I

Women are usually more aware of hormonal fluctuations than men even though they too undergo cyclical changes in the secretion of these tiny messenger chemicals. And since the endocrine system closely impacts and is influenced by our nervous system, imbalances do affect our mood.

To ride the monthly changes of your cycle smoothly it helps […]

Getting Older, But Feeling Younger

Aging is a normal progression of life. On the upside with age we all get wiser. Life becomes a richer experience as we realize our potential.

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Toxins can be inhaled or ingested as outside pathogens. Some are however also created as a normal by-product of our metabolism. Both forms have to be detected by our immune system as toxic and neutralized or eliminated

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