Aging is a normal progression of life. On the upside with age we all get wiser. Life becomes a richer experience as we realize our potential.

However on a cellular level our bodies deteriorate. The rate at which this happens is based on three biological forces:

  • Toxins
  • Free radicals
  • AGEs (advanced glycation end products)

All of which trigger a so-called non-specific immune response: Inflammation. The immune system is trying to contain a problem by inflaming the tissue around the “injury”. That can be a small area like when we cut ourselves or a large surface like the area around your joints, intestinal walls or arteries.

Inflammation is the breeding ground for all diseases! Countering an inflammatory response requires a rebound of your ph-balance.

Alkalizing your diet! Striving at every meal to neutralize the effects that acidic foods have on your body with high alkaline ones:

Adding raw foods into cooked meals*
Adding anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fats to your meal*
Adding anti-inflammatory herbs and medicinal plants to your meal*

Your best course of action to prevent the inflammatory response in the first place is to buffer your system with a high alkaline meal at the start of each day:

Change your breakfast, change your Life!

*there are nutritional laws and rules that either enhance or inhibit the anti-inflammatory potential of your foods. These are complex chemical reactions that have to be learned before they engrain your eating habits and you will become an intuitive nutritionist™ for your own body!