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For cleanses the same law applies as to diet plans. No one diet fits all. Someone’s food is another one’s poison. The only thing that all cleanses can…Learn More
You are what you eat. Your food can fuel an imbalance that manifested itself in a diagnosable disease, or it can restore homeostasis and…Learn More
I teach workshops and cooking demos at: schools, health food stores and private settings. For rates and availability on upcoming public events, or…Learn More

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Why Choose Me?

      • My approach is based on proven nutritional science.
      • I will empower you to become your own Intuitive Nutritionist™.
      • I customize all programs to your individual needs and health concerns.
      • I will provide you with recipes, grocery shopping lists and nutritional facts.
      • All recipes have maximum nutritional value with the fewest ingredients.
      • All my recipes are easy and ready to cook in less than five minutes.

What Client’s Say

Tanja is not only a guru in food chemistry but also a wizard in the kitchen. The way she finds only three ingredients to make up these amazing dishes. I would have never thought of making ice cream out of lettuce.
A.F., Los Angeles
Tanja changed the way I look at food. It’s medicine in the form of smoothies, puddings, and ice cream. This way of healthy eating is sustainable – especially for my 3-yr old.
G.P., Los Angeles
I have been suffering from skin rashes for decades. No crème or medication seemed to work long-term. My doctors suspected that it was caused by a PH imbalance but could only offer drug treatments that lessened the symptoms. Tanja customized an alkaline diet for me that not only cleared up my skin but upgraded my health in all other areas. Her approach in boosting your PH level is as simple as 1,2,3.
B.L., Brentwood
Ever since I started working with Tanja I have not had a cold. And it’s flu season! I used to eat lots of fruits and vegetables but it seemed I somehow was not absorbing the nutrients right. Tanja taught and showed me how to combine and prepare the right foods to maximize their benefits.
J.P., Hollywood

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